About Plan for Your HealthSM

Plan for Your Health, a public education campaign from Aetna and the Financial Planning Association created in 2004, gives you the information you need to make health benefits and financial choices that meet your needs now and in the future. Health care options can be very confusing and it's important to understand them, especially now that many employers are giving you more control of your benefitbenefit
The term "benefit" may refer in general to a health plan (your "benefits"), specifically define the ... more

What many women don't know is that health plans have many options that can help manage health care costs and your financial security. Different women have different needs at different times of life, such as when they start a new job, get married, have children, retire or start over in life, either because of divorce, separation or the death of a spouse. It's important to make your health care decisions part of your financial plan.

At key times in your life, you will need this information as you change your health benefits preferences to fit your needs. Plan for Your Health helps you understand your options when you change jobs, get married or have a baby, making the transition a smooth one.

The campaign will show you why it is so important to understand your health and personal finance options and plan ahead. PlanforYourHealth.com is the guide you need to make these important choices, including:

  • Useful tips on different insurance products
  • Tools to figure out how big life changes will affect your health care options
  • Information on choosing the best health care options for you and your family