Career Changes

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Re-thinking Benefits when You're Laid Off

Health and financial benefits decisions when you're downsized

When you've been laid off or downsized, your health needs keep going strong. But your health benefits don't. Do you know how to cover your or your family's health without an employer plan? Here's what... read more

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Take a Look at Individual Plans

The dire economy has people worried. People are losing their jobs - and their health coverage. Most U.S. workers receive health benefits through their employers, so they associate health insurance as... read more

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Juggling Expenses and Making Ends Meet

Young adults entering the workforce are faced with a juggling act of searching for jobs and calculating living expenses while trying to factor health benefits into the equation. A national survey... read more

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Ranking Your Health Care Benefits Priorities

Looking beyond standard benefits

With consumers playing an increasing role in personalizing their health care benefits package, it is important to be aware of additional options employers may offer. Other than the basic health... read more

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Switching Jobs

Picking the best offer – Tips you can use

Switching jobs is an important decision. Be sure to make it for the right reasons. According to a 2006 survey, the average person born in the later years of the baby boom held 10.5 jobs before the age... read more

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Making the Most of the Interview Process

Job interviews can be stressful. With people typically spending 40-50 hours a week at their current job, preparation goes a long way in assuring that you will find the right fit for you. Think of an... read more

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How Much Are Your Benefits Worth

As companies compete to maintain a strong employee base, human resource (HR) departments nationwide are searching for the right incentives to attract the cream of the crop. A healthy benefits package... read more

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Single in the City

5 things every single woman should know about her health benefits

With so many items on the shopping list — including those hot new shoes you just saw — it can be tough to live on a budget. Add to that things like fitness classes, gym memberships and other... read more