Open Enrollment

What do I need to know?

(Benefits) Decision 2012: Top 10 Tips for Open Enrollment

While you may define your job as how you receive a paycheck, most of us have additional “jobs” outside of work. You might serve as the chef, schedule coordinator, and entertainment director for... read more

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4 Ways to Ace Open Enrollment

Use this site: Changes in your life mean changes to your benefits. With, you can make smart benefits decisions for exactly where you are in life.... read more

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Choosing Health Benefits

Remember, health benefits can greatly impact your overall financial health. Choosing health benefits can be a complex process, but planning well can make a big difference. And in most cases your... read more

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Your Open Enrollment Checklist

Tips to easily choose your health benefits

It's that time of the year again: Open enrollment. It's your once-a-year chance to make choices and changes to your benefits plan. Are you ready? This checklist can help you prepare. ... read more

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Review and Renew Your Health Benefits

Open enrollment is your once-a-year chance

It’s likely been a year since you thought about your health benefits. Take a fresh look! Your life changes. And your health needs change. Now’s the perfect time to review your benefits options. With... read more

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What You Can Do as a Health Care Consumer

You've selected a plan that's right for you, now make the most of your options. Gaining popularity, consumer-directed or consumer choice health plans are a relatively new type of health plan designed... read more

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Don't Let Open Enrollment Stump You this Year

New "Navigating Your Health Benefits for Dummies" Guide Helps You Navigate Your Choices

This fall, you're probably navigating a number of things — from attending your children's sports and school events to planning for the upcoming holidays. With so much going on, you may not be thinking... read more

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Keeping Up with Your Health and Financial Records

Why organizing your paper trail can save you time and money

Is your huge pile of paperwork putting the Leaning Tower of Pisa to shame? Now’s the time to make a clean sweep. When you put your health and financial records in order, you can save time, money … and... read more

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What Does It Mean to be a Health Care Consumer?

For the first time since people traded chickens for house calls, Americans are focusing on how they use and pay for their health care.

No matter what you think about health care reform – love it, hate it, couldn't care less – one thing is certain. It has brought to light the fact that health care has never worked like other... read more

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FSA, HSA, HRA: What Does It All Mean?

Making sense and making the most of these health plans

If you're "benefits-savvy" and are participating in a consumer-directed health plan, you may need a few pointers. These plans, which usually combine an underlying health plan, like a Preferred... read more

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Giving Your Health Benefits a Checkup

A national survey found that the majority of women (59%) spend less than 2 hours learning about their health insurance options.... read more

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Health Care Options after Retirement

What you need to know about Medicare

You spend most of your life working, setting an alarm each morning, living by deadlines and hopefully saving enough for retirement. As you approach retirement, it is important to consider how this... read more

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How can I save money?
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Stretch Your Dollars: How to Save Money with Health Benefits

In today's economy people are cutting costs everywhere they can. They are clipping more coupons and taking fewer vacations. What many people don't know is that their health benefits can also save them... read more

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How to Save Money with Your Health Benefits

Make these money-saving choices at open enrollment

If you want to save money, have you looked at your health plan? There are lots of ways it can help you save. In fact, reviewing your health plan each year is a major part of smart budgeting. Just like... read more

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Live Well, Save Money

Sound too good to be true? Here's the secret.

We all love sales and discounts. What if you could get a 30% discount on your health care costs? How about 50% or 70%? ... read more

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Flexible Spending Accounts: Use It or Lose It

For many people participating in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with a grace period, March 15th marks the deadline to incur expenses and use dollars set aside in an FSA. After that time, any... read more

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The Power of an Hour: Planning Next Year's Health Benefits in 60 Minutes or Less

There’s a lot you can do to better your health in an hour. You can take a yoga class. Make a healthy meal. Go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. Get a massage. Keeping your health benefits in order... read more

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Track Spending and Usage for Next Year

It's important to keep track of your premium and out-of-pocket costs, in order to adjust your benefits plan for the following year. If you're aware of how much you can afford, you can save even more... read more